27 November 2017

Kazakhstan. Agrometeorological conditions favorable for growing winter crops

In the south and south-east of Kazakhstan, where winter wheat is cultivated, the November 1-10 weather was favorable for their growth. The highest air temperature at the time reached +24 - 29°С, locally even 32°С. However, local night temperature drops to -4-8°С stopped growth of winter wheat in some fields across West Kazakhstan and Almaty regions.

Precipitation occurrences replenished soil moisture content, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Early-sown crops of winter wheat in the south and south-east are at the stages from emergence to nodal root formation. Crop condition is good and excellent everywhere, being fair in some fields in Almaty region. The average height of crops is 5-17 cm with their average density at 171-336 plants per sq. m.

Planting of winter wheat continues in Zhambyl region.


Source: http://www.blackseagrain.net