19 April 2018

Belarus planted early spring grains throughout over 330 thsd ha — Ministry of Agriculture

As of April 18, Belarus planted early spring grains and pulses throughout 337.7 thsd ha, or 33.2% of the planned areas, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

To date, all oblasts of the country started planting spring crops. In particular, agrarians of Brest oblast already planted crops throughout 74% of the planned areas (100.8 thsd ha), Grodno oblast — 78.6% (118.3 thsd ha), Gomel oblast — 36.7% (57.4 thsd ha), Minsk oblast — 33.4% (72.5 thsd ha), Mogilev oblast — 11.49% (17.27 thsd ha), and Vitebsk oblast — 8.6% (17.56 thsd ha).

The remaining areas of winter grains after overwintering totaled 1.306 mln ha (79.9%), and winter rapeseed for grain — 359 thsd ha (81.9%). Also, as of April 18 agrarians provided additional fertilizing throughout 1.044 mln ha of winter grains, and 293.7 thsd ha of winter rapeseed.

The source: APK-Inform