23 July 2017

In 2016/17 MY, China imported over 18 thsd tonnes of Kazakh sunflower oil

In September-May of 2016/17 MY, Kazakhstan exported 18.2 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil to China, or 72% of the general exported volumes of the product.

Also, during the first nine months of the current season China took the second position (after Uzbekistan) in the rating of Kazakh sunflower seed importers, and purchased 83.1 thsd tonnes of the oilseed, or 42% of the general shipments.

According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2016/17 MY Kazakhstan will export nearly 220 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, and 27.5 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil. However, in a new season the country will reduce the figures to 200 thsd tonnes and 26 thsd tonnes, respectively.

Source: https://www.apk-inform.com